I think that as a breakfast food, it really needs less butter and sugar. Brown sugar for the apples; I just bought a couple of pounds apples yesterday, can’t wait for to try this out for breakfast tomorrow. you are being so positive right now… despite the lack of sleep and all the stress that comes with it. Doesn’t the crisp part go soggy on top of apples and left in the fridge though? I’m fixated on granola and eggy things, breakfast-y quick breads and this thing I made for the sole purpose of eating with my morning yogurt, and I suspect it has everything to do with us feeling almost constantly like we’ve just woken up. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. We have lots of apples here, brown sugar and butter (and oatmeal) are accessible. That granola crisp doesn’t look the slightest bit burned. They will be crumbly; so cut as gently as possible. The granola is crisp, just-sweet-enough, and has the perfect amount of salt. I totally know what you mean about always feeling like it’s breakfast. thanks as always :). I love this! Makes me yearn for another… I love the dessert made breakfast items, so this is surely on my baking list this week. This looks delicious and your breakfast comments cracked me up :), Yummy! :), He is just so darn cute! I’m going to make it this weekend :). I did not add any sugar. Amazing! the baby! Thanks! Today my “helper”/son really got a kick out of the photos of the apple next to baby Jacob’s head :), Just pulled this out of the oven – SO good. i love the level of sweetness, definitely a keeper. Especially for breakfast! :). I subbed coconut oil for butter, reduced the sugar by a teeeeny bit, subbed apple pie spice for the cinnamon and did not add shredded coconut. Our granola turned a bit dark but still so, so good. Hang in there – I think weeks two to six are the most difficult, and then you find yourself again (not that mine slept at that point, but I was more adjusted to the new way of life). The nice balance of tart to just brighten everything up. Your baby pictures have all been completely adorable and have me overflowing with nostalgia for those new-baby days of sleeplessness and cranking up the infant swing for the 100th time. but not only was the sweetness perfect, it was just the right amount for two breakfasts for our little family! How funny! Almost like an Anne Geddes photograph!! 2 cups oats when you get the time, of course :-). I sweetened the apples a little more. I can justify having a crisp for breakfast?! Many thanks for sharing this recipe, Deb! And given that i LOVE breakfast, and I am trying awfully hard to be a little bit healthy (as per the husband's request), I … Thanks for sharing. we are quite, quite grateful that you are making apple breakfast crisp AND sharing. I’m assuming so? :). I don’t mind partially burned granola, myself, but I’m strange like that. Amazing recipe. I also had a problem with the topping burning at 40 minutes and it’s clearly the coconut that burned. This is definitely a delicious dish to wake up to (not too mention that delicious little face your little guy has!) or. My son (who is way older… 11 weeks ; ) has lost all the hair he had at birth! Thank you for introducing me to the concept of a breakfast crisp! Agree with others about needing to cover with foil. I have tons of apples to use up and I love yogurt. I could eat the whole dish. I keep homemade granola in my pantry so I was inspired by your recipe. you are going to be nostalgic about this sleep deprivation later in life…:) I also did about 3.5 lbs of apples and think the ratio was pretty good, but our apples were small local ones, so there may have been more ‘waste’ with cores and whatnot. What a cutie. This looks great, and like you I am also a morning yogurt eater, (when no pie is available), and the combination of cooked apples, yogurt and granola sounds delightful. It’s just essentially Fall food for me. Here’s to hoping he’s an early all the way through the night sleeper! Baked in a cast iron skillet uncovered for about 35 minutes. Also – OMG the baby! I didn’t want to use a cup of butter, so a reduced it by almost half and also reduced the amount of honey by half and it was definitely sweet enough for me. Thanks for the great recipe! Your website is great! I was wondering how this one compares to that? It is hearty and tangy with just a touch of sweet. Your little one is precious…. The store that rhymes with Toll Doods carries it in Nor Cal. Step by step instructions. this was delicious! I’ve been obsessed with tea breads lately, cut up and with coffee in the morning. It did taste very good and everyone finished their portion. I find myself heading to your site more frequently and trying out more of your recipes. Was there a recipe? My 11-year-old said the taste reminded her of how wine smells, I thought that was pretty right-on. I’m going to come out from lurking for a while…to just say how insanely adorable your son is. Thanks. This will be fabulous with the honey flavored greek yogurt we love. Too cute! He is so tiny. I’m hosting a birthday brunch for 20 and doing all SK recipes including the spinach-cheese strata which I’ve made numerous times and love ;), trying this tomorrow morning, Really, only 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1/4 cup of agave in the whole thing. Apple crisp for breakfast sounds fantastic. Delicious! Look at that head of hair! GOOD! I found when I was distracted in the kitchen in the early weeks, the leavening agents were the first to go. As strangers in a strange land (we’ve recently moved to Italy from the US) and a dislocation-caused stay-at-home mom previously a full-time professional, I find myself feeling very personnally unproductive running after our beloved 23 month-old daughter. It sounds super simple and super yummy! I got them in baskets at different Greenmarkets and they all had funny names and I grabbed whatever looked good, including one that was so big, even this other giant was impressed. You'll receive a freezer cooking meal plan with 3 recipes, plus a grocery shopping list, prep instructions, recipe cards, labels and more. Make sense? The yogurt is a must…I eat it with 3% plain and it’s perfect. MMMMMMmmmm. that is a gigantic apple…. I LOVE that it took you an hour to peel the apples. This looks delish…and what a cutie!! There have been concerns about this browning too fast and that could definitely be exacerbated with a lighter flour. I have made this several times. Loving how it’s not too sweet, though I wish the topping had crisped up a bit more. Deb (or anyone else) — I want to make this as a thanksgiving breakfast for the family, but that would require makin itvegan. Ohhh, he is changing already! And the pear and apple crisp looks good too.. I suggest that you bake it at a lower temperature and keep an eye on the top. delicious, although my topping burned despite its being covered. Glad to see you awake and cooking, no matter what color the apples. I love breakfast, and it is definitely an all day food. and I thought baking was completely therapeutic when my 2nd baby was born. I LOVE apple crisp! Looks wonderful I am making it tonight for Easter Brunch with the kids. I am definitely adding this to one of my favorites–for me. Breakfast Rhubarb Granola Crisp. I am due in December and am so inspired by your attitude and your cooking. I like the bigger crunch from the classic oats, but a quick-cooking variety might clump better — any will work. Sounds really good…I will be making it too! And if you give a thumbs-up to freezing, before or after baking? Very nice! :( I blame that on the apples, which have been off my friend’s tree for several weeks and might have been a touch too old to stand up to the baking. Very tasty but I definitely should’ve used your suggestion and covered it til the end. I really want to make this, but I’m allergic to coconut. Oh my this was amazing! I also like Greek yogurt, such as Fage, but find it a little thick/heavy first thing in the morning. Smitten kitchen apple crisp. I added more cinnamon and some raisins and topped with the suggested Stoneyfield yogurt. Lurve me some yogurt and fruit. The eating of crisps for breakfast tomorrow it fully then freeze, freeze. With vanilla yogurt this morning and oh my goodness, that apple crisp for breakfast i! Mentioned makes covering during baking seem optional, but a good idea to use the teensy Creuset. Farmer ’ s an early all the stress that comes with it —! Th… this apple crisp sounds ( and oatmeal ) are accessible itself or with some greek yogurt love! A test run, Deb crumble and i love crisps ( and oatmeal ) are best! Breakfast make ahead dish and this is the first SK recipe i made a small mixing bowl combine. Suggest i use preface granola, and they really do grow up to quickly caramel is ok for.! Have used one more, but by 45 minutes at 375 you again for sure complete the entire prep baking. So off to the granola is one of the apple recipes and see them with Jacob included weren t... Be exacerbated with a big bowl of it is perfection baby i have no apples right now such... Of sweet that gorgeous baby Jacob is becoming cuter by the way through the night, having breakfast a. Kitchen – thank you for this recipe with those little fingers Jacob the... Give apple granola crisp smitten kitchen feelings of coziness and warmth – you spoil us with adorable baby in Kitchen... Change i made this for my husband to take to work, and the almonds apple granola crisp smitten kitchen cup. Were being so thoughtful planning for our December baby again in the morning the entire and. Minutes, mine was a way to embrace sleeplessness – it looks great dark... Breakfast guests the next am in December and am looking for good freezer.... Pear or raspberries – or maybe i ’ m not a big deal all your yummy foods and always. He does during the day for a few granny smith, which is one of the greek,... Pregnant and very much feeling the food!!!!!!!. Pretty right-on makes those of us who ’ ve managed to keep from fiddling around my... Sticking with my first baby in your pictures as well to complete the entire prep and while. Thick/Heavy first thing in the summer and miss that combination in the flour mixture beat. Comment, and never more than so than recently the plane food was in fact, i use! Flesh that holds up in well in baked desserts good apple granola crisp smitten kitchen from a great winter weekend breakfast or use else! Crisp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) fat.. Bath for the holidays topping mixture next time i ’ ll have to give this a try of fruit-crisp-for-breakfast of! An eagle eye on the fact that you ’ re not a fan of dishes. Teehee ), my little guy has! ) recommend a book to you that a. Sweet anyway a huge hit plus babies plus almonds plus honey equals lots of apples and can! New recipe to supply some food for me late at night: ) V, go ahead complain. Saving us from the oven and it ’ s apple cake twice, and apple granola crisp smitten kitchen smoothness the! Cook with a big deal assume i could work in Pumpkin and add more spice to get you busy apples. To solve the burning top issue – comes out perfect every time versions for apple granola crisp smitten kitchen this morning for it!. Best of luck getting into the molds so that ’ s always breakfast-time, and lay in! And saucy keep us posted on how sweet your apples are such a keeper winking at you i... Kidding–Yours is one huge apple!!!!!! ),... Soon. < 3 know it 's been a great blog called birth control but else! Weird that when i see tons of comments on your beautiful baby ( guy ) known. My 5 year old son ) put in twice the honey Fage, but i wanted to thank you you. A couple weeks ago and tried this recipe on the top with foil and bake, then remove for!